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Thursday, May 31, 2007

An Artists Impression

Here is roughly what we hope the vehicle (this is a similar vehicle) to look like. The badge on the bonnet you can't really see here is the COFE 2007 logo. Martin is working on it for us!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunday Tasmania Coverage

I was interviewed by The Mercury last week and got into the Sunday Tasmanian on page 3! It said I was one of the oldest Cystic Fibrosis sufferers! I don't think I 'suffer' particularly, and I am sure I am not one of the oldest! But I am well over the average life expectancy I guess...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pre-sales for documentary needed

OK, Here is the run-down.

I need to finalise a director for the documentary we are making. The
director needs to help us with the 'treatment', and help us pre-sell the
documentary to a TV network. This will give the network national rights to
say 3 broadcasts over a five year period.

The pre-sell fee will help us fund the high quality camera equipment (complete with helmet-cam and bike tripod) which we need to purchase soon!!

Once we return and the director puts the documentary together we can then get a distributor to market the documentary to international networks. The money we will receive from this will first of all refund the airfares for the voluntary crew (least I can do for their professional services!) and the rest we could delegate to CF research!

We still have a large space on our sexy VW Caddy support vehicle! Where are all the major sponsors? Who needs international press? The pharmaceutical companies do not need it, they have not come to the party. So we need corporate sponsors of any kind!

Please apply within! <click>

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers day Radio Interview!

Listen to me on Australia All Over! Mothers' Day, this Sunday around 9am! This was arranged by Judy Tierney. Judy also kindly managed to get me on Tim Cox's Statewide Morning show last month!

In the mean time I keep on training! Today I rode my bike up and down many local hills and found this curious paddock covered in spiderwebs! The fences were also full of them and the road, adjoining the fences, was streaming with them! I gave a few spiders and lots of spiderwebs a ride of their life! Somebody told me that the roads in Tasmanaia are obviously not well used with all those cobwebs!

After one puncture (not spider related) I got home safe!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Went to AGFEST in Carrick on Friday, the Agricultural Show. Was fun!
Saw these great KMX trikes. Imagine us riding them from Paris to Istanbul. We'd do it! For sure!Maybe they should lend us four of these! Imagine the publicity they'd get! I want one of these trikes!

Training in Action

Things are moving along. Getting fitter and fitter. Doctor wasn't too happy about my lungs and has put me on different drugs. I do feel a million dollars these days.

Here we are out on Kelsey Tier, behind our house, on a nice walk up the hill. Katherine is not afraid to get dirty on our training walks either:

In the meantime we are arranging door prizes for the fundraising movie nights that have been arranged.

The Hobart Poster went out and up on noticeboards everywhere, and then the cinema in Hobart decided they had to change the date and price!!! Could you believe it? Contracts signed and sealed and then they change it on you? Rowan in Hobart is arranging it all for me, and he is sorting it out. I hope we can keep the advertised date! Considering you need to pay for each seat in the cinema I'd hate to run at a loss thanks to the cinema's mistake! Thanks Eastlands Village Cinema (THEY BLAME THE MOVIE PRODUCTION HOUSE!).

CMax Devonport is still all go for the advertised time!