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Friday, July 25, 2008

Coming to a theatre near you!

Lucas has almost finished the documentary, and has it down to under 90 minutes! He hopes to have copies of the DVD available at the launch in Hobart at the conference on 14 August.

There is no public show for Hobart yet, but we are looking for a venue to play the documentary on Friday evening, 15 August, if someone can come up with a place!

Also, STOP PRESS READ ALL ABOUT IT, we have a Canberra launch organised for the week after:

Wednesday 20 August at 3pm at the ANU John Curtin School of Medical
Gold Coin Donation for entry into the Finkel Lecture Theatre,
Building #131 Garran Rd, Acton

21 August at 6:30pm: The Canberra Southern Cross Club in Woden will show the
movie to up to 400 people.
Gold Coin Donation for entry in their Top of the Cross theatre. Remember they have Happy Hour
downstairs from 530pm.
I flew to Canberra last week to help finalise the documentary with Lucas. These are the planes we fly in and out of Devonport with - this picture taken at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.

All those who ordered a pre-purchase will get them soon now! As soon as we get the books/DVD they will be mailed out!

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Counting down to Launch!

Yesterday late at night I finished my final draft of the book! This will have to do for the 2008 CF Nurses conference Edition!
I am very happy with it. Kathryn Whitfield has helped me greatly improve the text by making some key recommendations wrt to tense used in the book, and helped rewrite the first half of the book in which she culled all the extraneous unimportant bits to make it all more readable. So I need to bring this draft to the printers for printing and hope the book arrives in time for the conference on 14 August!

Also, at the printers right now is Katherine's children's book; Walter and the Mucous Monsters. We still owe the illustrator a final payment and we hope to sent that to him with a copy of the book! We got postcards made for the Mucous Monster as well as a general promotion tool. The postcard is the book cover itself.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watch iReport on CNN

Here is the link! If you watch the 30 second commercial it follows straight on, please have patience.

iReport for CNN: July 5 part 2


Wednesday, July 09, 2008


From: Frank Van Praag []
Wednesday, 9 July 2008 4:14 AM

Subject: Happy Birthday to Bruddah

Surreal... Here I am in my hotel room, 12.30 in the morning flicking through the 30+ channels on my TV before I retire for the night. Then I'm struck by a little text caption on the bottom left of the screen: "Walter van Praag"... Confusing, I thought. I'm sure I checked in as Frank van Praag - then I listen and look. It's CNN! Showing about 5 mins of footage of the great COFE with music and commentary. Mentioned the site, the music, and at the end the reporter wishes you a happy birthday! iReporter. Surreal! Now I'm going to sleep. Well done, bruddah.