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Friday, July 28, 2006

The current bikes

Here are my two bikes. The old Canondale I bought when I worked in the USA, and the good ole Trek. The Trek I call the Trektor as it is heavy and solid, I usually take it on social rides in the country, and also did all my bike touring with it (like the Tasmania Trail). The Canondale is a fancy, lighter bike. It is ideal for racing in and out of town and is a lot lighter to carry up the single trail steep slippery bits I go up on to get back home. Of course I also use the Canondale for event rides like the Tullah Challenge. Posted by Picasa

For the Great COFE for CF I hope to get a bike manufacturer to sponsor me and get a bike that will give me no trouble for the first 4000kms! Chances are I will carry gear with me, kind of depends on whether we really get enough funds for a support vehicle! We have a driver thanks to Tiina's pledge!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Come Canondale, sponsor me!

But don't expect me to repeat any of this! I made it to 41 with only one broken collar, a few minor breaks in toes and hands, and a few cuts and bruises... and that is enough thank you! Posted by Picasa

The Great COFE diary begins!

It is a long time to go yet, but this will be the spot where you can follow the online progress of the ride.

The ride is 4000kms long, from Paris to Istanbul (see That means that during August and September next year I will cycle 50-100kms per day for 70 days. Looking forward to it!

Today I filled in the paper work to register myself as a non-profit body in Tasmania, with the Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading. It requires a police record! So that was applied for at the same time.

I don't expect too many entries on this blog till closer to July 2007! So keep your eye on and perhaps consider signing up for the newsletter which will outline progress once a month or so...