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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Draft on Internet

We are making progress! Negotiations with LJ Hooker Realestate are progressing, the proposal for funding has progressed from State to National Level!

I am approaching a Tasmanian research organisation to see if they like to have the rights to the documentary so that they can professionally distribute it and get the profits from it. This will be a complicated move which I think will benefit the CF population in the world as a large university affiliated research organisation in whose interest it is to spark interest and attention to CF is more able to distribute the documentary on a world wide level. They will be better able to distribute the documentary and make more profits from it than I would be able to do on my own, especially as they have teams of professionals and more money to back the project. As for the profits, the intention has always been to donate all profits to CF Research, and what better way then to pass the rights to a Research Institute! It would also give the documentary more authority if it came from a respectable research institute. Of course this is still a long shot, but you never know how things pan out!

And the book is now in third draft. We are closer to having it finished now. The book has been edited and divided into chapters by Dace Shugg, editor of the CF Worldwide Newsletter. Currently we are getting three acomplished 'readers' to test-read it.

In the mean time I have secretly 'published' this draft copy on Lulu: from where it is downloadable for US$5 and you could even order the book in printed form - mailing is very reasonable, under $10. It is not a final edition, it has not got an ISBN number assigned, but technically it is available to people who click the above link. Ofcourse the book in draft form is not publically available or searchable, and can only be located with the above private link until we have it completely finished!

Don't forget to watch the three minute documentary preview at!