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Monday, August 25, 2008

I say Jump!

You think I am silly?

We're all silly!

Walter, Lucas, Tiina and Dave jumping for joy at the first Canberra screening of Coughing the Distance!
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Screening in Devonport

Monday 1 September from 2pm till 4pm. in the Centenary Court of the Devonport Entertainment and Convention Centre.
Entry by donation, and donations will go to the CF Association of Tasmania.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

In case you like to read it

Click on the below image to get a large version of the Sunday Examiner article.
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The Sunday Examiner - 24 Aug 08

Wow, journalist Ben Wild got all the facts right too. I wished I could have written the book as well as he's written this story. I flew into Devonport today and could not believe what I saw in the paper when I landed in Tassie!

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The Advocate 19 August 08

My fav. local journo Sarah Webb wrote this great article in the Advocate for Tuesday August 19.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Canberra Screenings

Canberra screenings went well. We had our new and improved version 1.1 of the documentary, and it is looking good! The Finkel Theatre at the John Curtin School was awesome, but it was a shame we only had 30 odd people show. Parking at ANU is atrocious, and it was a day-time session. I was hoping people from the school would actually show.

The Southern Cross screening was excellent with about 60 people attending. Many of our friends and families showed up, and Lucas bought 6 bottles of wine which he made me present to some of the major contributors of our project. I should have thought of that, only K and I are pretty broke right now! I still feel like giving away all the books to all the great people, but we just cannot afford to do that unfortunately. Nothing extra was charged for David, Lucas and myself to sign the books. Gratis!

Barbarra Mills from the ACT CF Association was officially handed a collection of donations from the two screenings for their association. I hope it was a good amount.

Now I need to arrange a NW Tasmania screening ASAP! Our biggest support came from there!

John Curtin School of Medical Research

Today was open day at the school and following the screening of Coughing the Distance I was asked if I liked to have a table in the foyer during their open-day!

I was honoured. Met a bunch of interesting researchers and other medical people who will hopefully be able to use some of our books/DVD! I also met my first ever genetic councellor, Jennifer Hogan.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

ACT CF Association

Wow, I found this at my mother's home, the July 2008 newsletter of the ACT CF Association. I was in it with a beautiful photo of me consuming a German Ale and a story I had written for them in the past.

The newsletter also had an order form in it to pre-order the books/DVD!

Thank you Berenice!
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pre-sales Update

Dear all of you who were wonderful enough to pre-purchase the books and DVD. This is an update especially for you! I wanted to rush off the pre-sales as soon as possible of course, but we had a slight hiccup with the documentary. We were slightly delayed and the documentary we showed at the launch was perhaps not a perfect version. We are right now touching it up and taking some typos out of it that we discovered and that we find embarrassing! So as soon as we have a good copy, which should be in the next week or so, I will mail them out.

Those who ordered the books alone will go out in a matter of days!!

Thank you all for your enormous support!

Walter and the COFE team!

The Grand Launch

Lucas and my mum arrived last week and we rushed out the DVD production for the launch. Too late to review it, but we'll see how the audience reacts!

We had a great weekend in Hobart doing the launch at the CF Nurses conference. The doco was well received and we sold a heap of books!
There were several newspaper articles and some radio and TV coverage too. Off to canberra today to polish the doco with Lucas and to show it to the Canberra community!

Unfortunately my laptop died and has not been resurrected yet, causing delays in reporting...
Here is one article:

This is an old one I just found.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Press Circus

Tomorrow is the launch in Hobart! Followed by a radio interview on ABC 936 Drive at 1745 with Louise Saunders . There should also be coverage in the Mercury as well as a spread in the Sunday paper. Gosh, we are in the spotlight! Lucas and my mother are here and we are all tickled pink with the attention. Let's hope people like our work.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Walter and the Mucous Monster

Katherine's children's book has arrived! Walter and the Mucous Monster looks fantastic. We are very happy with the result. The shipping took a little long as it came from the USA. We are still awaiting the postcards that we had ordered to go with them. The postcards are coming from VistaPrint, and we had hoped they would've been here by now.

We have been soo pleasantly surprised with past orders coming in well within the expected time-frames that we are now scared when they don't arrive just as quick the next time! Walter and the Mucous Monsters for instance arrived within the expected time frame, but we were sure they had been lost in transit! Maybe we are just a little nervous. August 14 is looming around the corner!
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

First book arrives

Wow, here it is. We got two boxes of books in the mail! Enthusiastically I drove to Katherine's work to officially open them. We only found my book, and not the Mucous Monsters. The Mucous Monsters were submitted for printing 11 days earlier, so we have no idea why they are not here yet. Just waiting for them and the documentary on DVD and I can go mail them out to those who preordered! The DVD is likely to not be available till 14 August, and there is no sense sending pre-orders out in seperate packages.

The cover colour looks a little purple and artificial, but hey, I am happy! I was proud to drop off my copy to the Tasmanian Library who had written to me months ago to advise me of my obligation to make a legal deposit: Legal deposit is a statutory provision which obliges publishers to deposit copies of their publications in major libraries in the country or state of publication.