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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Troy's Blurb

Well it is all over, I can't believe we all got here in one piece. I have had the time of my life on this journey and to do it with a group of people I never knew before the trip (except for Walter and Cindy) has made it more exciting in some ways. I must say a special thanks to Walter and his lovely wife Katherine for asking me to join Walter on this trip. To see what it is like on this side of the world is amazing. I have had good and bad days in and out of the car the only real trouble was coming into Istanbul. I have never seen traffic like that (after all I do live in a small town with only about three roads). Anyway I also would like to say to the other guys and girls that have help on the trip a very special thank you.


1 comment:

Kimmy said...

Well Congrats baby, I'm so proud of you and what you have done.. I can't believe how quick the time has flown, I'm glad that I got the house painted pink before the rain came!!! other than that I have 2 sleeps till I can touch you again...
Till Qld..Love you heaps
Kimmy XX